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Xingzi Bailudong Academy in Jiangxi travel notes

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Published on November 6, 2014 17:36


I bought a ticket at the ticket office, 40 yuan per person. My wife was not so interested in the college. She wanted to see her luggage at the ticket office. I went to the scenic spot on foot with the other two people. On the way, I learned that the two are a couple in Wuhan. They are now retired and come out to have fun. Often encountered on the road such self-help tourists, can exchange experience and experience on the journey, to supplement their own shortcomings and deficiencies. It's a short way to talk. It'll be there in a moment. There are many cars parked at the gate of Bailudong Academy. Most of the tourists come by car, but few of us come on foot.

Bailudong Academy was built in 940 A.D. in the Southern Song Dynasty, it was rebuilt and expanded by Zhu Xi, and became the first of the four academies in China. "It represents the major trend of song studies in China in the recent 700 years." Zhu Xi, a neo Confucianist, and other celebrities in Chinese history have talked about it here.

The buildings all face south with stone wood or brick wood structure, and the roofs are all herringbone hard hilltops, which is quite elegant and indifferent. Bailudong academy is located beside guandaoxi, with lingxingmen, panchi, lishengmen, lishengdian, zhuzici, Bailudong, yushuge and other main buildings. The hall of rites and saints is the highest level building in the Academy. It is surrounded by the double eaves of Xieshan mountain, high wings and corridors. But it is different from the Dacheng Hall of the general Confucian temple. It is made of green tiles and powder walls, which makes this magnificent and solemn hall show some serenity and solemnity. It is harmonious with the buildings with folk style built on the surrounding sloping roofs and hard mountains. On the stone wall of the ritual temple, there are stone tablets and stone carvings of Confucius' portraits. The Zhuzi temple on the east side of the ritual temple was built in memory of Zhu Xi. There is a stone cave behind the Zhuzi temple, in which there is a white deer carved in stone. According to the records of Bailudong, "at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Ludong was famous for no cave. During Jiajing Jiawu (the 13th year of Jiajing and 1534 A.D.), the magistrate Wang Qin built a platform for it. He Yan, the magistrate, chiseled the stone deer into the cave. " Bailu cave was originally named after the mountain peaks encircling like a cave; The existing stone caves and stone deer were built in the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty.

Bailudong academy has a beautiful environment and picturesque scenery. The arch bridge on the guandaoxi River and the pavilion on the qiaotouji in front of the gate are shining with the clear water and green mountains. It has become the prelude of the ancient road to the academy and the symbol and landscape of the Academy.

We toured for about an hour and a half and went back to the ticket office. As we were all going to Xingzi County, we went to the entrance of the road together. After a while, a bus from Jiujiang to Xingzi came. The ticket was 4 yuan per person. We arrived at Xingzi County bus station around 3 p.m. and stayed at Tianlong liquor store not far from the station.






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