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Living Chandeliers Are the Highlight of NYBG’s Orchid Show

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The New York Botanical Garden has taken its annual Orchid Show to new heights. For this year’s exhibition, which opened Saturday, the garden’s team, led vice president of glasshouses and exhibitions Francisca Coelho, created orchid-filled chandeliers that hang throughout the seasonal exhibitions galleries of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. The result is a space that surrounds visitors with the intoxicating sight and smell of orchids. The centerpiece of the show is a spectacular three-tiered, star-shaped chandelier that overflows with blooms. “This is the 13th annual show, and we’re always looking for a different angle,” says Karen Daubmann, associate vice president for exhibitions. “We want to get orchids as close to visitors as possible. We’ve had columns and arches, but we thought, ‘What if we just tell people to look up?’ ”

The diverse selection of orchids will change throughout the run of the show, keeping the displays perfect for every visitor from the first day to the last. The NYBG will also offer special evening events, featuring dancing, music, and cocktails. “It’s beautiful at night and very romantic—a lot of dates and proposals happen,” Daubmann says. For those inspired to create their own orchid displays at home, there’s also programming on how to grow and care for the plants. “We want people to be successful with orchids,” she says. “They have a reputation for being exotic and troublesome, but we want people to think they’re exotic and manageable.” The show runs through April 19, after which the conservatory will begin preparations for its next blockbuster exhibition, “Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life.”

Through April 19 at the New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Blvd., Bronx, New York; nybgrg

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